Here is a set of the work in progress rules. The most current version is 1.7, as I make revisions and changes I will update the file periodically. 

I've tried to make the game easy to understand and pick up, yet still complex enough that there's engaging tactical elements and replay value for experienced players. If there are any confusing rules or questions about how a mechanic should be used let me know and I'll add to to a FAQ page or update the rules as needed.

The intent is to have a quick playing game that is focused on fun action and storytelling. I believe that having a well written rules set is an asset as it helps players quickly resolve conflicts and get on with their game rather than spending time trying to figure out how the system implies things are meant be resolved. The best way for me to achieve that is to maintain the rules as a living document that I can apply updates and revisions to as the need arises.

I will be working on providing a full color PDF version of the rules as time allows which will be for sale, it will contain all the same base game rules but also provide color photos, graphics, expanded advanced rules and campaign play.

The current version of the rules are provided as a Word Doc file there are two additional files which contain activation cards and the unit stat cards. 


Rules  v1.7:

 Activation Cards: 

 Unit Stat Cards: 

 Neo-Bloc Cardstock Mecha: 

 NorAm Cardstock Mecha: