Welcome to Mecha Front.


Mecha Front is a miniatures game that is focused on the mechanized combat fought between large robotic vehicles called "Mecha".

It is a skirmished themed game using 6-8 mecha per side featuring quick game play, destructable terrain, and streamlined rules to promote a fun yet tactically engaging experience.


Mecha Front models are available in two scales: 


  • 15mm Scale are sized for use with 15mm games. Models range between  65mm-110mm tall.


  • 6mm Scale are sized for use with 6mm games aka "Micro Armor" scale. Models range between  40mm-50mm tall. 


The models are designed to appeal to both modelers and wargamers alike. Perfect for the seasoned painter or hobbyist and the game is playable at a size that fits within a 3x3 or 4x4 gaming area so that you can easily game on your dining table without needing a dedicated wargame table.